We provide an entire Cardiac Imaging Solution tailored to your individual needs, whether it’s a Cardiac Sonographer with mobile Ultrasound machine and finalised reports or simply a Cardiac Sonographer. Regardless of location, we can deliver the highest quality echocardiography clinic without the need for you to invest in expensive ultrasound equipment, machine insurance, accreditation and workers compensation.
Our staff are highly trained in Trans-thoracic Echocardiograms, Exercise Stress Echo, Dobutamine Stress Echo, Paediatric Echo, Agitated Saline Contrast studies and the utilisation of Contrast Imaging for LV Opacification.

Specialist Echo Solutions for Oncology, Psychiatry, Neurology – We bring the imaging laboratory to you. Many treatments require regular Echocardiograms / ECG’s but not cardiac consultations, we provide cardiac imaging in your rooms to coincide with your patient clinics. Aiming to make the patient journey as easy and convenient possible. Oncology – Herceptin, Psychiatry – Clozapine, Neurology – PFO / ASD studies.

 We provide experienced ASAR accredited Cardiac Sonographers to the private or public sector for both short or long term positions.
Our recruiting staff are Cardiac Sonographers and therefore have a unique insight and understanding of what our clients require and how to best attract and maintain staff. 
Many clinics, public and private, have significant waiting lists with limited options for reduction. We can provide additional echo services after hours and / or on Saturdays to reduce or eliminate waiting lists, or use our Ultrasound machine in hours to suit you.
Whether it’s a three hour drive or a plane flight, we specialise in rural and remote cardiac investigation services across NSW and Australia. A Cardiac Sonographer with portable Ultrasound machine and finalised reports or simply a Cardiac Sonographer we provide a Cardiac Imaging Solution tailored to your needs. Only our most senior staff run these clinics, with experience in all elements of Echocardiography, pre and post Cardio-thoracic surgery and Paediatric Echo, ensuring patient safety and confidence.
Our Cardiac Sonographers have completed the QUT Cardiac Ultrasound course or DMU and have experience as both clinical supervisors and / or examiners for students undertaking the course. We provide education and training for Cardiac Sonographers, Cardiologists and other specialists in public and private settings.